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MRE Star

MRE Star- Full Case without Heaters

MRE Star- Full Case without Heaters

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M-018 Military Spec Meal, Ready to Eat (MRE): Excellence in Every Bite

Unmatched Military Nutrition: The M-018 stands as a premier military-spec Meal, Ready to Eat (MRE), offering top-tier nutrition without the need for water reconstitution. Each case holds 12 robust and delectable single complete meal kits, with each meal boasting an impressive 1200 calories.

Diverse Meal Selection: Indulge in an array of savory and satisfying meals, each crafted to perfection:

  • Tuscan Beef
  • Jalapeno Curry Beef
  • Beef Stew
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Chicken & Rice
  • Chicken Gumbo
  • Curry Chicken
  • Southwest Chicken
  • Lentil Stew
  • Pinto Stew
  • Cheese Tortellini
  • Pasta Marinara
  • Vegetarian Chili

Comprehensive Meal Kit Contents:

  • 8 oz Entrée: Experience a variety of protein-rich entrées, each promising a burst of flavor.
  • 2 oz Starch Item: Choose from Military Crackers or Tortillas to complement your meal.
  • 1 oz Spread: Elevate your culinary journey with options like Jelly, Cheese, or Peanut Butter.
  • 2 oz Snack Item: Energize yourself with choices such as Toasted Corn, Dried Fruit Mix, or Nut and Raisin Mix.
  • 2 oz Dessert Item: Satisfy your sweet tooth with delights like Shortbread Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, or a High Energy Bar.
  • Isotonic Fruit Drink Mix: Stay refreshed with flavors like Fruit Punch, Orange, Grape, Lemonade, or Pink Lemonade.
  • Accessory Pack: Enhance your dining experience with essentials like Spoon, Napkin, Salt, Pepper, Coffee, Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer, Wet Napkin, Red Pepper Flakes, Candy, and a Toothpick/Brushpick.

Convenience Without Compromise:

  • No water needed for reconstitution, ensuring hassle-free consumption.
  • Compact and easy to transport, making it the ideal companion for various situations, from field missions to outdoor adventures.
  • 1200 Calories of Sustenance: Each M-018 MRE meal provides a substantial 1200 calories, delivering not just sustenance but the energy needed for demanding situations.

Preparedness Redefined: The M-018 MRE is more than just a meal; it's a culinary adventure crafted for the challenges of military life and beyond. From hearty entrées to delightful desserts, experience excellence in every bite, ensuring you're ready for whatever comes your way.

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