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Sagan Life

Journey™ Water Filter Replacement for XStream Straw™ and AquaDrum™

Journey™ Water Filter Replacement for XStream Straw™ and AquaDrum™

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Sagan Life® Journey™ Water Filter Replacement: Clean, Portable Water Anywhere

The Sagan Life® Journey™ Water Filter Replacement offers a portable and reliable solution for clean water on the go. Here's a closer look at its features and benefits:

Remarkable Water Purification:

  • The Journey™ Water Filter is a key component in the XStream Straw™ and AquaDrum™ System products.
  • Provides a personal water filtration system that can be taken anywhere, allowing you to fill it from any non-salt water source and enjoy safe, potable water on the move.

Extensive Testing:

  • The Journey™ Water Filter has undergone rigorous testing in an independent water laboratory to determine its "End of Life."
  • Results showcase its effectiveness in meeting or exceeding the United States EPA water quality standards.
  • Can remove up to 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.99% of giardia and cryptosporidium for up to 250 gallons of water.

Versatile Usage:

  • This water filter replacement is not limited to a specific scenario.
  • Whether you're hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or engaging in any outdoor adventure, the Journey™ Water Filter is a trustworthy companion.
  • An excellent choice for emergency water storage, ensuring you have access to fresh and safe drinking water in critical situations.

Environmental Impact:

  • By using a single Journey™ water filter, you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.
  • This eco-friendly choice saves an impressive 1,890 16oz/500ml bottles from contaminating the environment as refuse.

Aqua Veritas™ Standards:

  • Sagan Life® water purification filtration products, including the Journey™ Water Filter, adhere to the rigorous standards of Aqua Veritas™.
  • This commitment to quality ensures that you can rely on the filter for consistently safe and clean drinking water.

Embrace your Journey™ water filter as more than just a personal water purifier; consider it a sustainable and efficient choice for outdoor activities and emergency preparedness. With each use, you're not just ensuring your hydration needs are met – you're making a positive impact on the planet.

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