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EMP Shield

EMP Shield – Home EMP & Lightning Protection + CME Defense (SP-120-240-W)

EMP Shield – Home EMP & Lightning Protection + CME Defense (SP-120-240-W)

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Understanding the Vital Need for EMP Shield

In a world where electromagnetic threats pose a significant risk, EMP Shield emerges as a crucial safeguard, and here's why you need it:

Government Directive: The government has issued an EMP Executive Order, and Homeland Security emphasizes swift preparedness, underscoring the urgent need for EMP Shield.

Grid Independence: Even if the grid is down, EMP Shield ensures that your electrical equipment and home remain fully functional, providing a lifeline during critical times.

Vehicle Operation Assurance: In the aftermath of an EMP event, EMP Shield guarantees your vehicle's operation, facilitating your journey home, rescuing family members, or acquiring supplies when others are incapacitated.

Lightning Protection: Offering a 100% Lightning Guarantee backed by a $25,000 insurance policy, EMP Shield secures your home from lightning strikes, potentially saving thousands of dollars and months of time.

Solar System and Generator Support: If you possess a solar system or generator, EMP Shield ensures continuous power and operational equipment, setting you apart from those left without.

Key Features of EMP Shield:

  • Comprehensive EMP Protection: Guards against all phases of EMP (E1, E2, & E3), providing a robust defense against electromagnetic threats.
  • Solar Flares Resistance: Withstands up to 228,000 Amps, demonstrating resilience against solar flares and other surges.
  • Lightning Protection: Ensures 100% protection against lightning, backed by a $25,000 insurance policy for added security.
  • Industry Leading 10-Year Warranty: Covered by a 10-year Limited Lifetime warranty, with a straightforward replacement policy for $50 if it fails during the warranty period.
  • Insurance Coverage: Backed by $25,000 of insurance, ensuring that if the device fails to protect your electronics, the damage is covered.
  • Military-Grade Standards: Surpasses stringent military EMP testing standards, including MIL-STD-188-125-1, MIL-STD-464C, and MIL-STD-461-G.
  • Tested at Intertek: The devices have undergone testing at Intertek to UL 1449 standards, showcasing their reliability and compliance.
  • Homeland Security Recognition: EMP Shield is listed by Homeland Security in their EMP Resilience Report, attesting to its efficacy.
  • Rapid Reaction Time: EMP Shield's technology initiates the removal of excess electricity from your home's electrical system in an astonishing 500 trillionths of a second.
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you decide EMP Shield isn't suitable for your needs, a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy is in place.
  • Incredibly Powerful: Capable of withstanding up to 228,000 AMPS per phase, demonstrating robust protection.
  • IP 66 Rated Durability: Designed for use in extreme hot and cold climate conditions, validated at Edison Testing Laboratories.
  • Easy Installation: EMP Shield is crafted for quick and easy installation, featuring an accessible guide for various applications.

Proven Testing and Validation:

  • Keystone Compliance Testing: Rigorously tested at Keystone Compliance, a federally approved facility known for advanced technological tests.
  • EMP Threat Clarification: While a nuclear explosion isn't necessary, EMP Shield has been thoroughly validated to withstand induced electricity, providing a reliable shield against EMP events.

How EMP Shield Works:

EMP Shield swiftly protects all connected electronics and equipment by shunting overvoltage from the grid and induced voltage within your home. The technology reacts in less than 1 billionth of a second, draining away overvoltage before it can damage your equipment. This innovative technology is called SightSpeed™, setting a new standard in EMP protection.

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