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Lion EMP Bag

Lion EMP Bag

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EMP Shielding Bag - Protecting Your Power Unit with Military-Grade Precision:

Advanced Protection: This shield bag sets the standard for safeguarding against transient electro-magnetic fields, providing robust defense. Rigorously lab-tested and certified to military standard MIL-SPEC-461F RS-105, it ensures the utmost reliability in shielding against EMP (electro-magnetic pulse), HEMP (High-altitude electro-magnetic pulse), and other transient electro-magnetic fields.

Critical Guidelines: For optimal performance, it is crucial to meticulously follow all included directions. Failure to do so may compromise the shielding material's protective capabilities.

Important Notes:

  • Moisture Sensitivity: Shielding bag vulnerability to moisture requires careful handling. Avoid exposure to moisture or water, as it can damage the protective material.
  • Usage Caution: Do not charge or operate your power unit while it resides within the shielding bag.
  • Misuse Warning: Any misuse or deviation from the provided instructions may result in permanent damage to the shielding material, jeopardizing its protective efficiency.

Installation Instructions:

Unpack and Prepare: Remove the shielding bag from its packaging, unfold, and gently stretch it open. It can be used with or without a power unit.

With Power Unit: a. Turn off the power unit. b. Place the power unit inside the shielding bag, ensuring it fits snugly at the bag's bottom. c. Optional: Utilize the zippered accessory pouch for additional small electronic devices. Place the pouch on top of the power unit and zip it closed.

Without Power Unit: Place the Lion Energy storage box in the bottom of the shielding bag. Insert all electronic devices inside the Lion Energy storage box. Fit the top half of the storage box directly on top.

Seal the Bag: Press the top of the shielding bag together. Roll downward towards the front or back of the bag for a uniform and snug sealing roll.

Clamp the Seal: Thread the webbing ties through the D-rings on both sides of the shielding bag. Cinch down snugly to secure the seal.

Experience Unmatched Security: Elevate your power unit's protection with the EMP Shielding Bag. Engineered with precision and adherence to military standards, it assures you of reliable defense against the unforeseen effects of electro-magnetic pulses. Your power unit's safety is our priority; follow the instructions diligently to guarantee unparalleled security.

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