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AquaBrick® Portable Food and Water Storage Containers – 2 Bricks & Spigot

AquaBrick® Portable Food and Water Storage Containers – 2 Bricks & Spigot

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Introducing the AquaBrick® — Your Versatile Solution for Multi-Use Water Storage

Engineered to hold 3 gallons of water for emergency situations or 20 lbs of food when repurposed as a food storage container, the AquaBrick® stands as a reliable companion for your preparedness needs. Take advantage of its stackable design, fitting seamlessly into any emergency storage area.

Key Features:

  • Dual-Purpose Design: The AquaBrick® effortlessly transitions between a water storage container and a food storage container, accommodating 3 gallons of water or 20 lbs of food. This adaptability ensures you're prepared for various scenarios.
  • Outdoor Water Dispenser: Elevate your outdoor experience with the Spigot Cap attachment, transforming your AquaBrick® Container into a convenient water dispenser. Ideal for camping, picnics, and kids' sports events, the AquaBrick® makes hydration on the go a breeze.
  • Stackable Configuration: The AquaBrick® Containers are designed to be stackable in a variety of configurations, ensuring they fit seamlessly into any emergency storage area. This feature enhances organization and accessibility during critical times.

Embrace the versatility of the AquaBrick® — a dynamic water storage container that adapts to your needs. From emergency preparedness to outdoor adventures, the AquaBrick® is your reliable companion for any situation.

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