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Lion Energy

Lion Prowler Power Bank

Lion Prowler Power Bank

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 Lion Energy Prowler - Empower Your Charging Experience:

Effortless Power Anywhere:

  • Easy to Use: Simply plug in any USB device like cell phones and tablets for instant power.
  • Easy to Transport: Lightweight and pocket-sized, the Prowler is your on-the-go power solution, fitting seamlessly into your pocket, backpack, carry bag, or clipped on wherever you need it.
  • Durable Design: Rugged yet comfortable in hand, the Prowler is built to withstand your adventures.
  • Wireless Phone Charging: Experience the convenience of wireless phone charging alongside the ability to power USB devices and enjoy the utility of two built-in flashlights.

Using the Prowler:

  • Check Battery Status: Press the power button for one second, and lights on the left side will indicate the charge status. Four lights mean the unit is fully charged.
  • Charging the Prowler: Use the provided USB cord, plug the USB end into a power source, and the other end into the Prowler near the power button (lift the rubber flap).
  • USB Charging: Connect your device to the output on the Prowler using the provided cable, then press the power button for 1 second to initiate charging. Turn off the Prowler after charging by holding the power button until all lights turn off.
  • Wireless Phone Charging: Press the power button twice, place your smartphone on top of the Prowler, and enjoy wireless charging. Turn off wireless charging by pressing the power button twice.
  • Flashlight Settings: To turn on the flashlight, press and hold the flashlight icon for one second for Solid Mode. To switch to SOS mode, press and hold the flashlight icon for 3 seconds. For Lamp mode, press the flashlight icon twice.

Lion Energy Prowler Specs:

  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Life Cycles: 300+
  • Charge Time (Wall): 8+ Hours
  • Wireless Charging: 1 @ 10W
  • Rated Capacity: 74Wh - 20,000mAh
  • Input/Output USB-C: 5V @ 3A (15W)
  • Output (2) USB-A: 5V @ 3.1A (15W)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs

Portable Power, Anytime, Anywhere: With a robust 20,000mAh capacity, wireless charging capabilities, and versatile USB outputs, the Lion Energy Prowler is your reliable companion for on-the-go power needs. Light, durable, and effortlessly convenient, the Prowler ensures you stay charged wherever life takes you.

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