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Sagan Life

AquaBrick® Funnel

AquaBrick® Funnel

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Introducing the Sagan Life® AquaBrick® Funnel — a brilliant addition to streamline your water and food storage process. This specially designed funnel pairs seamlessly with the AquaBrick® Container, ensuring a mess-free experience while filling with dry goods for both food and water storage. Additionally, this versatile funnel is compatible with wide-mouth canning jars, making it an indispensable tool for various storage needs.

Key Features:

Mess-Free Filling:

  • The AquaBrick® Funnel takes the hassle out of filling your AquaBrick® Container with dry goods for food storage or water storage. Enjoy a seamless and mess-free process, saving you time and effort.

Perfect for AquaBrick® Containers:

  • Tailored to complement the AquaBrick® Container, this funnel is designed to enhance the efficiency of your food storage system. Maximize the potential of your AquaBrick® by utilizing the AquaBrick® Funnel.

Wide-Mouth Canning Jar Compatibility:

  • Beyond its application with AquaBrick® Containers, this versatile funnel is also compatible with wide-mouth canning jars. This adaptability adds to its functionality, making it an essential tool for various storage requirements.

About Sagan Life® AquaBrick® Funnel:

The AquaBrick® Funnel is a small yet impactful innovation that simplifies the process of water and food storage. Designed with the AquaBrick® Container in mind, this funnel ensures a clean and efficient transfer of dry goods without the mess. Embrace the convenience of the AquaBrick® Funnel, making life easier and storage more organized.

Upgrade your storage routine with the AquaBrick® Funnel — a practical tool for a neater and more efficient food and water storage experience. (Note: Includes Funnel Only)

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